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Penati Golf Resort is Slovakia’s largest golf course surrounded by the picturesque Little Carpathian Mountains in Záhorie less than an hour’s drive from Bratislava, and has been ranked among the best European courses by the World of Leading Golf and the World’s Premier Golf Destinations. Ever since it was established, Penati has been the most award-winning golf course in Slovakia, featured in many major rankings and reviews of courses by both golf professionals and ordinary golfers from Slovakia and around the world. See Awards & Rankings for more information.

The sandy subsoil quickly and effectively absorbs rainwater so the Penati Golf Resort is one of the most playable courses during the season. Something special at the resort is Central Europe’s longest hole at 712 m and 11 tees.

Two 18-hole courses equal in quality, however different in their character, the LEGEND, and the HERITAGE, guarantee club members the opportunity anytime to play a full eighteen even if the other course is closed because of a tournament.

The Penati Golf Club membership provides its holders also with green feefree play in our partner clubs at premium golf resorts in Europe: ALBATROSS (CZ), DACHSTEIN- TAUERN (A), ROYAL PARK I ROVERI (I), ZALA SPRINGS (H), ADAMSTAL (A)KYTÄJÄ (FIN) and THEODORA (RO). For detailed information see Partner Clubs.

Membership at the Penati Golf Club is an investment that can never be lost or declined in value – lifetime memberships are inheritable and transferrable. A growing number of members are providing the opportunity for investment in further development of the resort. Nonetheless, the number of members is limited, and Penati Gold Resort is progressively turning into a semi-private club.

If you are interested in membership, please contact: Ing. Andrea Kyškynová, phone: +421 910 609 376, email:

Executives and Administrative Board

Club Executives

Ing. Igor Chochol, Club President Ing. Richard Hudec, Club Vice President Ing. Peter Žúbor MBA, Club Vice President    

Administrative Board

Ing. Ján Kasper, Chairman Ing. Peter Zálešák, Vice Chairman Ing. Ján Tomáš Ing. Zuzana Hudecová Ing. František Kalivoda Ing. Ivan Roštár Mag. Martin Kiňo Ing. Viliam Maroš Ing. Vladimír Rajčák