Uniqueness | Penati Golf Resort
About the Resort


Penati Golf Resort is a singular project in Slovakia that has become an addition to the map of the top golf resorts in Central Europe.  Constructed in the Záhorie region near the town of Senica, amidst pine forests on land interspersed with white sand dunes and with an uncommonly large size of 217 hectares and distinctive features, this is the first complex in Slovakia designed to meet the expectations of a broad range of golfers and golfing enthusiasts. A total of 20 million euros has been invested in the project.

Aside from the world-class 36-hole golf course, there is a plethora of possibilities for relaxing and spending quality, active leisure time.

A recreation area is being created in the green oasis a stone’s throw from the golf courses, offering comfortable recreational villas by the lake and plots of land for family homes to be built according to the unique specifications of their future owners.

With its one-of-a-kind scenery and diverse offering of activities, the golf resort has become the antidote for the gruelling life in the fast lane.  This green oasis in the glorious countryside with its huge lake lined with sunny beaches and romantic secluded corners offers the perfect getaway.  It is becoming a true paradise for active golfers, their families and friends and all those who enjoy getting to know new people and who adhere to an active and healthy lifestyle.


The natural wealth of the foothills of the Little Carpathians, copious in pine forests, offers abundant unique scenery and hideaways on both land and water.  The profusion of flora and fauna and the vast open space are ideal for a broad spectrum of activities – from sports to mushroom foraging.

Easy access to the golf course and situated near the town of Senica, it is less than an hour away from Bratislava and ninety minutes from Vienna.  It is just as easy to get to Penati Golf Resort from Piešťany, Trnava, Skalica, Břeclav, Hodonín Brno and Prague.


Bratislava 88 km
Brno 86 km
Vienna 135 km
Senica 3 km
Šajdíkove Humence 2 km
Airport Senica 1 km
Trnava 42 km
Piešťany 45 km
Skalica 23 km
Budapest 241 km
Trenčín 69 km
Czech Republic 27 km
Nové mesto nad Váhom 47 km
Žilina 145 km
Nitra 87 km
Považská Bystrica 114 km
Martin 170 m
Unique Advantages

Golf from spring through autumn

Visitors will be surprised by the vastness, beauty and lushness of the resort.  Every day is a golfing paradise, coupling the highest quality conditions with the amazing beauty of the 217-hectare resort.  The 36-hole golf resort provides multiple delights in the ever-changing scenery of these glorious foothills.


Wide, undulating fairways offering ample playing freedom, no out of bounds areas, sufficient privacy, excellent visibility to the greens, high-shaped “Nicklaus Design” sand bunkers and challenging divergent terrain, all this is well-thought-out and combined to grant total uniqueness of the LEGEND COURSE, the first of two 18-hole courses. This course offers also the longest hole in Central Europe (712 metres,  11 Tees, Par 5/Par 6). Between 2012 – 2019 it was even the Longest Hole in all Europe!

The designers have built a second course, the HERITAGE, in close harmony with the natural elements of the area and with a feel for the traditional principles of golf course design.

The golf complex enables thousands of tournament spectators to follow a tournament and freely move between holes, allowing them to spontaneously become participants in the tournament.

Another extraordinary natural characteristic – the sandy subsoil – guarantees that the terrain keeps its orginal form, even after rain.  This is why golf can thrive here from early spring all the way through late autumn – and this was one of the priorities of Penati Golf Resort.