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Purchase a membership now and become a member of the “MUST PLAY” Penati Golf Resort at Šajdíkove Humence!

The Penati Golf Resort at Šajdíkove Humence covers over 217 hectares of gorgeous, breathtaking scenery in Slovakia’s Záhorie region. Situated amidst the pine forests of the Little Carpathians near Senica, in the village of Šajdíkove-Humence, it is less than an hour’s drive from Bratislava and approx. 20 minutes from the Czech-Slovak border crossing at Kúty.

The resort has two 18-hole courses: the Nicklaus Design Legend Course and the Heritage Course. Golfers can enjoy playing along fairways lined with sand dunes that are natural features in this region. The course’s sandy subsoil lets the landscape retain its original character, even after rain, so the area pulsates with golf from early spring through late autumn. Something special to be found at the resort is the Europe’s longest hole at 716 yards, and 11 tees.

The Penati Golf Resort is the largest golf course in Slovakia and is included among the leading golf courses in : “The World of Leading Golf”, “The TOP 100 Golf Courses of Continental Europe” by, The TOP 100 Golf Courses of Continental Europe” by the British Magazine GOLF WORLD and “The Best Golf Courses in 206 Countries” by the Magazine GOLF DIGEST. The Penati Golf Resort is also a proud owner of the “EUROPEAN ENVIRO OSCAR” for respecting natural environment and protecting nature.

Membership in the Penati Golf Club is an investment that can never be lost or damaged – lifetime memberships are inheritable and transferrable.
A growing number of members is providing us with the opportunity to invest in further development of the resort. However, the number of members is limited, and we are gradually turning into a semi-private club.

If you are interested in membership, kindly contact: Ing. Andrea Kyškynová, mobile: +421 910 609 376; e-mail:

Executives and Administrative Board

Club Executives

Ing. Igor Chochol, Club President

Ing. Richard Hudec, Club Vice President

Ing. Peter Žúbor MBA, Club Vice President



Administrative Board

Ing. Ján Kasper, Chairman

Ing. Peter Zálešák, Vice Chairman

Ing. Ján Tomáš

Ing. Zuzana Hudecová

Ing. František Kalivoda

Ing. Ivan Roštár

Mag. Martin Kiňo

Ing. Viliam Maroš

Ing. Vladimír Rajčák