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Accommodation directly in Penati Golf Resort

If you are preparing to go to Penati Golf Resort for more than one day and you are looking for suitable accommodation, you have the opportunity to stay at modern villas at the lake right at the resort or at stylish apartments in close proximity to the golf course. There are also standard hotel facilities available in the vicinity of the resort.  


Villas and apartment houses are not operated by Penati Golf Resort, all real estates are in private ownership. 


Some of them are included in the booking system WEEKENDO and you can book them by yourself – CLICK HERE:


As for apartment houses not included in the booking platform we suggest following private accommodation:

Kindly contact: for accommodation in:, a www.

Kindly contact:: for accommodation in:

Kindly contact: for accommodation in:


Here are examples of accommodation:


Villas & Apartments

The villas have a capacity of 4 to 6 people. They are modern and have practical facilities. They are situated directly by the lake in a private recreational zone with a view of the courses, which are very convenient to access by golf kart. The villas have two storeys with a terrace and their own pier. You will certainly appreciate the unique atmosphere, which is created by the calm surface of the lake, the rustling of reeds, and the tweeting of birds.


The apartments are located in a residential zone in close proximity to the main entrance to Penati Golf Resort. They offer accommodation capacity for 4 to 12 people, they have wonderful facilities, and they offer diverse atmospheres depending on the specific design of the apartment.







You can also stay at one of the hotel facilities in the vicinity of the resort. We do not provide booking services, guests arrange their accommodation individually. The following hotels are at your disposal in the neighborhood of the Penati Golf Resort:

Name Capacity Address Contact information
Hotel Karpaty**** 20 Častkov 166, 90604 E-mail: Tel.: 00421346600700 Web:
Grandhotel Senica*** 26 Hurbanova 16A, 90501 Senica E-mail: Tel.: +421 34 658 52 27 Web:
Hotel Arli*** 45 Hviezdoslavova 2556/63,90501Senica E-mail: Tel.: 00421346511351 Web:
Hotel Branč*** 19 Námestie oslobodenia 17, 90501 Senica E-mail: Tel.: 00421342251251 Web:
Hotel Senica*** 35 Hviezdoslavova 1417/62,90501 Senica E-mail: Tel.: 00421346517236 Web:
Hotel Dojč** 28 Dojč 123, 90602 Dojč E-mail: Tel.: 0042191558131 Web:
Penzión Atlas** 120 Železničná 1513, 90501 Senica E-mail: Tel.: 00421346515781 Web:
Hotel Centrál** 64 Smrdáky, 90603 E-mail: Tel.: 00421346959193, 00421346959173, 00421346575101 Web:
Hotel Vietoris ** 58 Smrdáky, 90603 E-mail: Tel.: 00421346959193, 00421346959173, 00421346575101 Web:
Hotel Morava*** 68 Smrdáky, 90603 E-mail: Tel.: 00421346959193, 00421346959173, 00421346575101 Web:

Hotel sv. Ludmila **** in Skalica (approx. 25km) provides four-star hotel services including transport.