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Unique Golf Course Project


Penati Golf Resort is a state-of-the-art world-class 36-hole golf course. This unique project in Slovakia burst upon the map of Central Europe’s top golf resorts in 2012. Rising near the town of Senica in the Záhorie region and unusually large with an area of 217 hectares, it has met the expectations of a wide range of local and international golfers. More than 20 million euros have been invested into the golf resort and its design.


Besides the two 18-hole golf courses: the Nicklaus Design Legend and the Heritage, the resort also boasts exceptional surroundings in an attractive tourist location. Záhorie provides visitors with diverse opportunities to relax and for quality recreation and leisure not only for golfers. Members of their families, friends, and anyone looking for an active and healthy lifestyle can find something to enjoy here, too.


A private residential neighborhood has sprouted in a green oasis close to the golf courses, with villas and an apartment complex by a lake that owners use both for themselves and for accommodating golfers and other guests at the resort. A growing number of individual holiday homes are also under construction in the immediate proximity to the resort and accommodation is available at several of such houses, too


Unique Advantages


Less than an hour’s drive from Bratislava is a world-class golf resort to delight you. Situated in the magnificent background of the Little Carpathians, you can play the course surrounded by fragrant pine forests and goldish dunes, in absolute silence and with the soothing embrace of nature.


Penati Golf Resort is Slovakia’s largest golf course and its vast expanse surprises everybody that visits it.  It fulfills the generous vision of a golf paradise in the heart of Europe combining top parameters of the highest golf quality with the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside. The resort provides multiple delights throughout the year in its ever-changing natural scenery of these glorious foothills.


The unusually sandy subsoil quickly and effectively absorbs rainwater so the Penati Golf Resort is one of the most playable courses during the season. You can golf here from early spring to late autumn.


Penati Golf Resort is Slovakia’s only club with two golf courses. What sets apart the first of the two 18-hole courses, the Nicklaus Design LEGEND COURSE, are the wide, undulating fairways that offer players ample playing freedom, no out-of-bounds areas, sufficient privacy, and excellent visibility to the greens, all combined with the high, shaped “Nicklaus Design” sand bunkers and the challenging divergent terrain. The longest hole on this course measures 712 meters and has 11 tees. It plays as either a par 5 or par 6 and it also holds the title of the longest hole in Central Europe. It used to be the longest hole in all of Europe in the 2012 – 2019 period!

The other HERITAGE COURSE is different in character. Designed by Jonathan Davison and shaped by Mick McShane, it was built in close harmony with the area’s natural features and its traditional design looks back at classic British golf courses to evoke the “golden era of golf”.



Unique Award Winner


Penati Golf Resort is ranked among the best European courses in The World of Leading Golf, which awarded it BEST OVERALL IMPRESSION and BEST COURSE CONDITIONS.  Penati can also be found among the World’s Premier Golf Destinations at WorldClass.Golf, and is listed by www.top100golfcourses.co.uk in the TOP 100 GOLF COURSES OF CONTINENTAL EUROPE. It is also the only Slovakian golf resort ranked among the best in Europe by TOP 100 GOLF COURSES IN CONTINENTAL EUROPE, as compiled by the mainstream British magazine GOLF WORLD. Penati Golf Resort has been likewise mentioned by GOLF DIGEST, the most widely read golf magazine in the world, in its BEST GOLF COURSES IN 206 COUNTRIES. The latest honor for the resort came in 2023 when it was placed in the NATIONAL CLUB GOLFER TOP 100 by NATIONAL CLUB GOLFER, a golf magazine published in the United Kingdom and distributed to over 1,000 major golf clubs in England, Scotland, and Wales.


Penati Gold Course is a proud recipient of the EUROPEAN ENVIRO OSCAR for respecting and protecting the natural beauty of the landscape and frequently appears in reader polls by Slovakian and Czech mainstream golf media such as Golf Digest C&S.


Penati Golf Resort is a MUST PLAY golf destination that regularly hosts major European Golf Association amateur tournaments, it is also the venue for the D+D Real Slovakia Challenge when the European Challenge Tour passes through Slovakia, and also the home of the Penati Slovak Open Championship on the international professional tour. The confidence expressed by the world’s golf professionals and organizers of these international tournaments is in itself a significant recognition of the resort’s outstanding qualities, which stand up well among competing courses in Europe.


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